Who is the Boss?

There is only one Boss, and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads the largest corporation in the world, the Boss remains the same – it is the customer. He/she is the person who pays everyone’s salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail. Do not think for a minute that they care if a business has been around a hundred years. The minute we start treating the customer poorly, they will put us out of business.

The Boss, the CUSTOMER, has bought, and will buy everything you have or will have. They bought all of your clothes, your home, your cars, pay for your children’s education and for all your vacations. They pay all your bills, and they pay them in exact proportion to the way you treat them.

As you drive your truck down the road, you might think that you work for Sharp Transit, the company that writes your paycheck, but you do not. You may even think you work for ALDI, for you are in their stores and warehouses all the time, but again, you do not. You are working for that single mother trying to make ends meet for her family, the young couple just starting out in life working their

first jobs out of college, the successful middle-aged couple trying to save every penny they can for retirement, or maybe the elderly widow living on a fixed income. All of these and more are our Boss. They can fire everyone in this company, from the president on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else.

It is very important to take pride in your work and realize you are doing the community a great service by providing them an avenue to provide for their families and themselves while at the same time doing so in a very cost-efficient manner. Besides the joy that comes from doing and giving your best at your job, you can also take pride and joy in the fact that the great job you do will keep the customers we have and help get new ones for tomorrow, and thereby provide us all with that weekly paycheck.

So as you drive your truck down some lonely road in the middle of the night, remember the service that you are doing for this country and for the millions of people who shop at ALDI, and always give and do your best, for anything less is simply second rate.

Proud to be Associated with one of the nation’s  leading GROCERY retailers